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Larry Nitardy = 40 years of solving problems, and still smiling at challenges. Helping is pure fun.

Larry Nitardy, President

Born from a well-rounded career that spans publicly traded, privately held, non-profit, and governmental organizations, Larry has been a student and promoter of continuous improvement since the mid-seventies,  He is a strong proponent of finding root cause deficiencies in organizational performance in Five Pillars of Growth, and resolving them through practical learning and doing. With over 40 years of seeing both success and failure close up, he brings the value of big organization learnings to smaller businesses; but stays committed to ensuring the speed and agility of entrepreneurship is protected.

Larry has participated in numerous start-ups, expansions and business restages and holds in-depth experiences in accounts receivables and payables, corporate sales, marketing and product management, strategic planning, continuous improvement, and general management P&L,  Having earned many individual and team awards for “catching” more orders, clients, profits and relationships, his primary activities at ComAssist are team leader of the business venture and primary program development and delivery.

Larry’s primary message is “In a nut shell, it’s all about continuously creating trust, building brand, earning margin, and making righteous choices.  We feel these are best accomplish by focusing on Five basic Pillars of Growth, People, Planning, Product, Productivity, and Perseverance©.”

Other Team Members

ComAssist is a collaborative business with many fusion partners.  As needed, these partners are drawn into the training, facilitation or coaching outlined to help our clients grow.  They team to build and deliver solutions as both contract and ad hoc members of the ComAssist team.  Here’s a list of the types of talent included in our collaborative organization:

  • Financial Data Management and Analysis
  • Operations Data Analysis and Direction Setting
  • Marketing Data Analysis and Direction Setting
  • “Story Telling” Experts
  • Marketing Concepts Design and Development
  • Data Collection, Mining and Interpretation
  • Data Privacy and IP Security
  • Video Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Inbound Marketing Specialists
  • Printer, Mailing and Collateral Document Development
  • Logistics Services
  • Chambers of Commerce and Business Development Councils

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