Knowing one’s “True North” is crucial before making a life transistion.

With each True North Discovery and Empowerment Workshop we do we find the process more confirming its value.  Folks get “ah ha” moments where clarity of their purpose and realization of their true world-class talents comes forth.  The inspiration of identifying personal and environmental challenges, then conquering them with behavior and partner possibilities, empowers people to bolster the energy and build the personal objectives they promise themselves. From an investment of 4 to 5 hours of one’s time, and a small financial investment as well, folks are building clear, concise, and powerful stories to share with their families, closest network, and other potential benefactors; all who can be a part of living out one’s True North. If you or someone you know is struggling with discontentment, a feeling of underutilization, or a feeling of not knowing “what I’m really here for”, please contact us for a brief discussion about the “True North Discovery and Empowerment Workshop” path.  

COGS1, NKY COGS Mastermind Group is available to new members beginning in July, 2018

COGS1, the first COGS faith-based Mastermind Group that started in July of 2017, will start its thrid six-month session in July, 2018.  The group is currently accepting new members.  If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in Christ-centered discussions about today’s critical issues with People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance, please contact us directly using the contact link on our web site, or calling us at ComAssist, Wilder, KY.    

Accountability Partner Coaching is growing by leaps and bounds at ComAssist…

Started in November, 2017, ComAssist has helped numerous leaders who have little to no “accountability partners” in leading their businesses.   “So what is Accountability Partner Coaching?  Based on a series of facilitated communications each week, or month, key decision makers outline specific goals, a series of strategies to gain them, and at first, a set of steps to employ those strategies.  Conversations between these leaders and ComAssist consists of reviewing the status of progress against the goals, whether tasks are actually being performed and achieving their expected results, and a lot of “what if” concerning generating new ideas, alternatives, or possibilities. Providing weekly or monthly accountability discussions with leaders who’s teams are very small, or where there are no other company leaders, is helping many entrepreneurs stay on tract in achieving their goals; working on the tasks they’ve promised themselves, gaining the sustainable business they desire.” says Larry Nitardy, President of ComAssist.  “Our whole purpose is to help facilitate growth,...Read More >

First COGS Mastermind Group starts second 6 month session in January, 2018

The first COGS Mastermind Group, Christian Organization and Growth Strategies, has completed its first six month session and will begin its second session series in January 2018.  This group started in Northern Kentucky and continues here.  The best news is that all members have extended their interest and will proceed to further their COGS relationships with each other. Similarly, the second COGS group, operating in Huntington, WV, has just finished their fourth month and will finish their first six month session in February, 2018. As facilitator of these groups, I remain amazed at the ability for folks to share how their faith enters into their operational, financial and image-building decisions in their companies. The current success of the COGS concepts is bolstering the consideration of an internet-based group that will allow individuals supporting individuals from all across the country, perhaps the world. If you have any interest in joining a faith-based mastermind group, please contact us directly at . Have a...Read More >

ComAssist to lead workshop on improving your ROI from Business Networking at NKY Chamber

Larry Nitardy, President of ComAssist, will lead a workshop on increasing individual’s return on their time invested in doing business networking for NKY Chamber members and guest at 9:30 AM on Tuesday, September 26th in the St. Elizabeth conference room at the NKY Chamber office; 300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 330, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017.   Attendees will leave the workshop with an understanding of 7 Critical Elements of business networking, a few new contacts, and several new concepts to apply immediately in their networking efforts.  Here’s the link to the event. We’d love to see you there.  If you’ve got further questions about this interactive / participative workshop, please give us a call or drop us a line. Looking forward to seeing you there.

COGS© Mastermind Group Two set to meet for first time on September 6th in Huntington, WV

We are proud to announce that several committed group members will meet with others considering group membership on Wednesday, September 6, in Huntington, WV.  The group will continue to meet on the first Wednesday of each month, and is looking for great sharing, learning and empowerment of others to continue to carry their Christian faith into their decision making and operations of their businesses.   The members of COGS groups represent those who are accountable for the image, operations or financial performance of their companies, and are from all size organizations.  We’d love to have you as a member of a group. Each group is limited to 5 members, plus the group facilitator, and will meet once per month.  You can see the goals and visions of COGS mastermind groups here Please contact us to discuss your interest in becoming a visitor, or member of a developing group.

Accountability Coach, how Accountability Coaching can could help you achieve better results…

Designed to help individual business owners, accountability coaching from ComAssist targets helping those who find themselves with little to no leadership partners…find a leadership partner. By speaking weekly with an accountability partner, individuals commit themselves to at least one other person…to “get it done”.  Most all business owners “get it”, but getting it done is more difficult as many less important, time consuming tasks come into play every day. With an accountability partner, a business owner can stay focused on the highest contributing tasks toward achieving their time constrained, value-added work. Our current clients tell us that their goals are being accomplished at rates not seen in a long while, and at an investment easily justified by their gains. If you’re a single owner, or find yourself with little support leadership today, give us or another accountability coach a call to discuss how it really works and if it’s right for you.  You can contact us here.  

First COGS Mastermind Group #1 to hold kick off on Wednesday, July 26

COGS, ComAssist’s Christian Organizational and Growth Strategies Mastermind Group 1 will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, July 26.  Scheduled to meet the third Wednesday of each month, the group consists of and education leader, business banker, logistics expert, expense reduction specialist, and a business coach.  Room is still available in this group for one or two others. Group #2 is gaining steam in Huntington WV, and will likely hold their first meeting in August. If you’d like to be involved with a group of faith-based leaders who apply their Christian beliefs in their daily objectivest to improve and create company image, oversea and lead the operations, or be accountable to create financial gains, please contact us at to discuss our philosophy and process.

Email can be a very effective communications tool in selling, but be cautious. Great article below…

While I find most folks I correspond with getting better and better at email writing, many of us still have a way to go to get our emails acted upon.  Not being the absolute best at email communications myself, I’ve studied the communications technique more than once. The article below is a great recap…

ComAssist announces COGS ministry formally today

                                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   May 31, 2017                                                                              CONTACT:  Larry Nitardy, President                                                                                                          423-312-3439 (cell)                                                                                                    ...Read More >