Increasing Revenues through effective Sales Planning and Seller Performance

On Powering and Energizing your Organization through Increased Revenues

Most opportunities to serve others are still gained “face to face”, requiring an ever-increasing need for highly skilled “revenue generators”.

ComAssist will help you improve your revenue generation through increased story building, market targeting and selling team success.  Starting with understanding the “people” involved in your client buying process, and your own sales and marketing processes, then working all the way through “perseverance” of relationships and services, we train, facilitate and coach better revenue results.

Is your Revenue Generation empowering and energizing your businesses growth? How is your revenue churn or growth rate today?

As you wonder how you can increase your revenues, consider a discussion with someone outside your organization who will earn your trust and ensure confidentiality.  Together we’ll determine whether we’re the right people to help you improve revenue generation. We’ve listed some examples of our work in helping increase revenues below. Call us today at 859 781-7586, or contact us here to get our conversations started.

Available Increasing Revenue Services


  • Rainmaking 101 – Individualized Sales Training
  • Effective Business Networking, a Selling Activity
  • Return on Inside Selling Efforts
  • Effective Exhibit Selling
  • Positioning, Branding, Rebranding
  • Fundamentals of Internet Sales
  • Design for Revenue Generation
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management


  • Evaluating Current State effectiveness
  • Discovering and Empowering Individual and Company”True North”
  • BAFs, “Benefits, Advantages and Features”, a Change that Matters
  • Establishing Processes and Metrics
  • Building Stories and Value Statements
  • Discovering Training Needs
  • Mapping Changes and Initiating Actions
  • Design for Revenue Generation
  • Hiring and OnBoarding


  • Establish your current state revenue generation, build goals for improvement in all Five Pillars of Revenue Growth, “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance”©, hold reviews of gains against these goals, assess and assign continuous accountability, and making adjustments to move forward.