People, Planet, Profit - Social, Environmental, Economic

Sustainability is to “Begin with Never Ending in Mind

Sustainability has become highly dependent on our foundations’ scalability. Your clients, collaborators, and suppliers are routinely observing how you empower your capabilities to perform over time. Whether we’re talking about designing for sustainable choices, or selecting goods and service with economic, environmental and societal impact, corporate contribution to sustainability have become key decision-making elements in buying, selling and organizational culture design today, requiring an ever-increasing need for highly skilled “sustainability thinkers”.

ComAssist will help design for sustainable development. Starting with understanding the “people” involved in a sustainable organization, then working all the way through “perseverance” of relationships and services with others who share your cultural commitments, we train, facilitate and coach sustainable decision making.

How do your current and potential clients see your culture and commitment to sustainable growth? As you wonder how you can apply sustainability to your value proposition, consider a discussion with someone outside your organization who will earn your trust and ensure confidentiality.  Together we’ll determine whether we’re the right people to help you design Sustainability into your organization. We’ve listed some examples of our work in helping design in Sustainability below. Call us today at 859 781-7586, or contact us here to get our conversations started.

Available Designing In Sustainability – “Begin with Never Ending in Mind”© Services


  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Development and Growth
  • Data as Actionable Information
  • Think Strategically, Plan Tactically
  • “No Math” Continuous Improvement
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • What is “Scale” and How can I Use It?
  • Succession Planning Basics
  • Understanding “Change Management”


  • Evaluating Current State effectiveness
  • Discovering and Empowering individual and company “True North”
  • Building “Sustainability” Decision Matrices
  • Designing Our “Change Management” Path
  • Identify and Scope Implementation Plans
  • Root Cause Analysis, Identification and Resolution
  • Design For Sustainable Development


  • Establish your Sustainability Matrix, build goals for improvement in all Five Pillars of  Sustainability Growth, “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance”©, hold reviews of gains against these goals, access and assign continuous accountability, and make adjustments to move forward.