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At ComAssist, we tailor our training, facilitation, and coaching for every client; based on what we learn and mutually agree to as outcomes.

We’ll use certain processes to help you reach your desires, but the story we build, the mentoring we provide, or the exact way we deliver products to you is never the same as it is for another client. Exploring and listening deeply to your specific issues, situations or conditions, is our strength. We use what we learn from you to increase understanding, gain knowledge, develop skills and abilities, and build action steps to proceed toward your goals.

It all starts with a free 30 minute consultation about you and your story. After that, you’ll be able to decide whether to dig deeper into your challenges and our ability to assist.

We’re heavily committed to start-ups, small and mid-size business development. So Chamber of Commerce and other local Business Development Council members receive 5% discounts on our first work together each year. We also understand the cash flow challenges of many small, and start-up businesses so we apply extremely liberal payment terms. 

Please contact us today to start a journey toward greater sustainability through increased revenues, higher margins and more sustainable choices in your business! Give us a call at 859 781-7586, cell 423-312-3439, or send us an email here.