COGS”© Christian Organization and Growth Strategies

Are you, or someone you know, looking for a Christ-centered Mastermind Group to help you stay focused on applying your faith in Christ toward achieving personal and professional growth? If so, there is good news…

Christian Organization and Growth Strategies Mastermind Groups (COGS©) now make Christ-centered discussions and empowerment groups available to all size businesses and their leaders.

Why COGS©?  As the principal at ComAssist, over the last eight years I’ve met many Christ-centered individuals leading organizations, teams, or volunteer groups, who have been looking for this openness and empowerment. Expensive, Christian Business Leadership groups have existed for very large business leaders for years, but it appears missing for those of us leading mid-sized, small, or micro businesses.  Size of one’s business doesn’t change the decision making process or leadership requirement, or the desire to put one’s faith into their decision making process. 

Current COGS groups are empowering Christian business leaders in all size organizations to put their faith to work by sharing with others and having no inhibitions about it. This is being accomplished in small group settings, with low fees ($50.00 per month, minimum of six month commitment, plus applicable sales taxes in your state, and you pay for your own lunch each month), and high personal commitment. Individuals with accountability for developing or improving company image, operations, or financial performance are encouraged to join a COGS group.

How it works:  The COGS process brings faith-based organization leaders together for learning, supporting, and empowering spirit-filled choices. Each group member shares issues and concepts with others about how they’re using their spirit-filled hearts and minds to lead, develop, and grow organizations. Through this trusted exchange, members are becoming important cogs in each other’s professional lives.

In the process, there are two very important monthly commitments expected from each COGS member, and a third option to take advantage of: 

  1. Members attend group (5 to 6 members per group) lunch gatherings to share:
    • scripture and empowering stories and messages (member-driven stories and messages)
    • successes of the past month, and challenges in the coming month
    • praying together
    • growth strategies on alternating elements of  “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Performance”©, ComAssist’s 5 Pillars of Growth
    • ideas for use by other members to attack and conquer challenges of the day
  2. Members make brief (10 to 15 minute) one-to-one empowerment conversations with one or more other group members each month
  3. Members have the option of a 30 minute coaching session with a member of the ComAssist team each month 

The first COGS mastermind group meets in Ft. Mitchell, KY, and has started its second six month sessions A second group is under consideration for Northern Kentucky as well.  The second-formed group meets in Huntington, WV, supporting Huntington, Ashland, Ironton (Tri-state) region.  Their first six month session is ending soon, and members are considering their commitments to continuing; new members spots are certainly available here too.  An internet goup is under consideration, should you be interested in such a group, please let us know.

Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing, or joining, a COGS Mastermind group. If you’ve considered a chance to speak openly about your faith in a business forum, we’re confident you’ll fit perfectly into a COGS group