Privacy and Return to Work conversation of importance this coming Tuesday, free to attend.

Glad to recommend a free-to-attend information source, hosted by Frost, Brown and Todd, LLC, here in the greater Cincinnati area, this coming Tuesday afternoon to all those concerned about privacy and its role in their personal, professional, or company’s return to work. Check out the link.

Which Banks responded well for small business in the application process for CARES PPP?

Good morning, hoping this note finds everyone well. I’m interested in receiving input concerning which banks responded well to requests for, and assistance in, filing CARES PPP applications. I’ll put CIVISTA Bank on the list to begin with. I have two that did not, but this effort is to identify those who did, so we’ll not bother to list those who disappointed us. Just send me a quick note through the contact form here on the ComAssist site with the name of the bank; no other information needed. I’ll not get back to anyone who responds to this request (unless you ask me to), merely collect and report the data. Thanks in advance for your input. Larry

Share your experience with the CARES Employee Protection Program with us, please?

Hello all, If you’ve applied for this fantastic bridge-program for your business, please send us some communciations on how it went for you, both pros and cons. We’ll be glad to share with others, perhaps we can all help each other learn. Each one teach one. God Speed, Larry

Now is the time to work ON YOUR BUSINESS…

While I don’t want to sound like Captain Obvious, now is the perfect time to take time for yourself; to focus on the Perseverance “P” of our 5Ps, People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance©. What is the new strategy for your capability to provide sustainable presence in the marketplace? Do you have capabilities to help restart the economy that are hidden in your other 4 Ps, like: How can your people do new and extraordinary things for the community, clients, and suppliers? Is it time to do a detailed, updated, 2020 and beyond strategic plan? Should you fashion new tactics to accomplish the third and fourth quarters of this year’s plan? Can my products and services be translated to new purposes, new impacts in the marketplace? Translate, Transition, Transcend©” How do I transition/transfer them into such purposes, and how do I transcend the obstacles that would challenge me to make these moves? “Translate, Transition, Transcend©” If you want or need outside...Read More >

Link to CARE loans, SBA input…

Here is a link to the actual “application” for CAREs loans. Hello all, hope this link works for you. I would suggest following the application all the way through to the end to see the process; even if you don’t then apply. All information you can bolster just now may help you and others fend off concerns that may already be solvable to you. And if possible, if you’d be willing to share things you’re learning from your own experiences, I’d be glad to be the transfer agent of that information; of course, without identifying any person or company directly. Finally, this, IMHO, is a great time to stay focused on ComAssist’s first and final Ps, People and Perseverance. God Speed, Larry

Unemployment Claims, how to help your teams stay financially safe if you have to lay them off…

Loans for companies may be much easier than the challenge of employees claiming unemployment benefits; expanded by the CARES act. From all I’ve read, patience and perseverance may be the best two traits just now for those finding themselves in the “filing” pool. It would be great if company leaders who are laying off their teams could provide guidelines to their people for filing unemployment. Here is a link from NPR that may help all involved.

US Chamber of Commerce issues path to CARE loans…

Hello everyone, Below is a great essay, provided by the US Chamber of Commerce, on the path, Small Business Guidelines and Checklist) to acquiring the CARES act loans through the SBA and your local bank.  Hope this helps you and your organization, or provides you a great link to pass on to others you know who may be using/evaluating this great assistance package to protecting your businesses through the next two months.

Small and Micro Businesses, Don’t Panic over the Pandemic, seek some outside thoughts…

Hello all, just wanted to encourage folks who may be a bit panicked about the current business environment to stay calm and introspective. Give your outside coaches and consultants a call; if you don’t have one, contact me for a free half hour discussion about “possibilities”. As harsh as it may seem, within every difficulty is an opportunity of some sort. Your assets and capabilities still remain, and there is a place for them to be of value to others.

COGS1, Christian Organizational and Growth Strategies Mastermind Groups, seeking interested Faith-based Leaders to join their upcoming six month session

COGS1, Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati based, Christian Organizational and Growth Strategies Mastermind Group 1 is inviting others to join their new six month session, beginning in early March. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in teaming with other Christian business or professional leaders to assist others keep their faith at the center of their decision making, leadership style, and building a sustainable attitude toward life and the community, please pass along the following link, for their consideration. We’d love to speak to anyone interested.

Accountability Partner Coaching is growing by leaps and bounds at ComAssist…

Started in November, 2017, ComAssist has helped numerous leaders who have little to no “accountability partners” in leading their businesses.   “So what is Accountability Partner Coaching?  Based on a series of facilitated communications each week, or month, key decision makers outline specific goals, a series of strategies to gain them, and at first, a set of steps to employ those strategies.  Conversations between these leaders and ComAssist consists of reviewing the status of progress against the goals, whether tasks are actually being performed and achieving their expected results, and a lot of “what if” concerning generating new ideas, alternatives, or possibilities. Providing weekly or monthly accountability discussions with leaders who’s teams are very small, or where there are no other company leaders, is helping many entrepreneurs stay on tract in achieving their goals; working on the tasks they’ve promised themselves, gaining the sustainable business they desire.” says Larry Nitardy, President of ComAssist.  “Our whole purpose is to help facilitate growth,...Read More >