COGS groups now forming for April through September, 2021

Are you, or someone you know, looking for a forum to help you stay focused on applying your faith in Christ toward achieving your personal and professional growth or goals? If so, there is good news…Groups are now forming for April through September, 2021.

COGS©, Christian Organization and Growth Strategies, mastermind groups now make Christ-centered discussions and faith-based empowerment available to decision makers, regardless of the size of the(ir) organization.

Why COGS©?  COGS is designed for decision makers who are challenged to find support and the strength needed to position their faith at the center of their decision making, leadership style, and sustainable choices.

Meeting once per month for an hour or so, 5 to 7 people share how they incorporate their faith into their daily business lives; focusing on the five Ps of business growth; “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance”©. Contact us today at to let us know you’re interested in joining a group that will meet via Zoom for the next six month.

Best, Larry Nitardy