Accountability Partner Coaching is growing by leaps and bounds at ComAssist…

Started in November, 2017, ComAssist has helped numerous leaders who have little to no “accountability partners” in leading their businesses.  

“So what is Accountability Partner Coaching?  Based on a series of facilitated communications each week, or month, key decision makers outline specific goals, a series of strategies to gain them, and at first, a set of steps to employ those strategies.  Conversations between these leaders and ComAssist consists of reviewing the status of progress against the goals, whether tasks are actually being performed and achieving their expected results, and a lot of “what if” concerning generating new ideas, alternatives, or possibilities.

Providing weekly or monthly accountability discussions with leaders who’s teams are very small, or where there are no other company leaders, is helping many entrepreneurs stay on tract in achieving their goals; working on the tasks they’ve promised themselves, gaining the sustainable business they desire.” says Larry Nitardy, President of ComAssist.  “Our whole purpose is to help facilitate growth, and assisting leaders stay at work on their priorities is helping us do our work too.” Nitardy said.

If you, or someone you know, is a leader with little to no other leaders around you, you would be excellently served by a Accountability Partner.  Please contact us for a free discussion about how this process can help you or a friend grow your business quicker than you are now.

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