COGS© Mastermind Group Two set to meet for first time on September 6th in Huntington, WV

We are proud to announce that several committed group members will meet with others considering group membership on Wednesday, September 6, in Huntington, WV.  The group will continue to meet on the first Wednesday of each month, and is looking for great sharing, learning and empowerment of others to continue to carry their Christian faith into their decision making and operations of their businesses.  

The members of COGS groups represent those who are accountable for the image, operations or financial performance of their companies, and are from all size organizations.  We’d love to have you as a member of a group.

Each group is limited to 5 members, plus the group facilitator, and will meet once per month.  You can see the goals and visions of COGS mastermind groups here

Please contact us to discuss your interest in becoming a visitor, or member of a developing group.