Innovating for the Government through SBIR and STTR funding can pay “dividends”

Attended a great presentation on funding grants from the US Government’s Innovation requirements initiative, which ends up being funded by grants from SBIR and STTR last Tuesday. The event was sponsored by the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Manufacturing in Huntington, WV, and presented by Mr. W. George Murray, a Deputy District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Did you know that each governmental department is required to spend a certain amount of their annual budget on “innovation”; of course the Department of Defense spends the most dollars in funding private innovation, but all others spend “some”?

Further examples of how valuable the program can be were presented by Mr. Brian Joseph, CEO and Founder of Touchstone Innovations in Triadelphia, WV.  Check out his, and his company’s story to see how SBIR and STTR can help fund innovation for profit.

Finally, Ms. Anne Barth, TechConnect WV, provided info on grants for grant writing, the application process for a SBIR apps in the state of WV.

Thanks RCBI for a very educational, and potentially empowering session for tech innovators and founders.

If you’re considering the federal government as a client, SBIR and STTR are empowering opportunities.  Let us know if you need further help, there’s plenty out there.