Networking opportunities abound in Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area

If you are a resident of the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky vicinity, you’re blessed with more networking opportunities that could possibly be attended. Click Here for a link to one I highly recommend; the NKY Chamber business after hours are known for great opportunities for meeting and greeting.

While many of us spend hours each week at these events, many of us also look back and find that the Return on Networking Investment we’ve made is low.  Through years of studying both networking and exhibit selling (yes they do have very similar cause and effects), I’ve observed a process that works, and many that don’t, for effective networking.  Here are the basics:

  • Take Something
  • Leave Something
  • Prepare to Come Again

It’s always a pleasure to speak about networking effectively; helping folks increase their Return on Networking.  Please contact us to start a conversation on how to increase your own ROI on Networking. Click Here to begin the discussion.