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Welcome to ComAssist,

- a boutique "Business Helper" practice, helping others to stop fishing and start "Catching". Our motto is, "Don't just fish - CATCH!" because we find too many folks working awfully hard and reaping much less reward than they could. Catching is about becoming a "rainmaker", beating your competition in image, operations and financial matters by gratifying clients so that they come back time after time and do marketing and sales for you.

As tutor, mentor, coach, facilitator, educator, trainer and orchestrator, we help leaders build Trust, create Brand, improve Margin and empower Choice in all 5 ComAssist Pillars of Growth, "People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance"©. And we work with clients to scale their foundation that support those growth pillars, their culture, policies, practices, systems and capital assets.

With ever increasing awareness on the “triple bottom line”, environmental, societal and economical, companies are making more and more choices about how they operate and the impact they have on the world around them. At ComAssist, we call it "Begin with NEVER ENDING in Mind"©.

Where do you stand with "never ending" in mind? How is your foundation? Are you earning business on trust and brand? Do you see a continuously improving set of margins? Is there a steady state of more and more choice in how you execute for your clients? Are you focused on the return from your people, the effectiveness of your planning, the value and regeneration of your product, the continuous improvement in your productivity, and the ability to execute day after day after day?

Most start-up, small and mid-size companies struggle with one or more of these critical business conditions. ComAssist probes deeply, listens intently, and inspires our clients to identify their challenges and develop actions to win in the marketplace. We turn people and clients into "rainmakers", individuals, teams and companies who outperform their peers. And we'd love to work with you too.

At ComAssist, we believe “trust leads to brand, brand leads to margin, and margin leads to choice”. A sustainable business starts as a choice. Whether your challenges are image, operations or financial in nature, we will help you create clarity, build and tell your purpose, and improve your results.

On this site, we strive to tell you about us; however it tells us nothing about you. So while we hope it helps you understand how we may assist you, please remember we would rather just ask you one question; “How might we Help You start "Catching"?”

Don't Just Fish - CATCH! Call or write us today at (423) 312-3439, or

How might we Assist You?

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