Don’t Just Fish – CATCH!
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Welcome to ComAssist!

Who we are…
We’re a boutique "Business Helper" practice, helping businesses by Building Trust, Creating Brand, Increasing Margin, Empowering and Employing Choice. In essence we help you significantly improve your “catch” rate, so "Don't just fish - CATCH!"

We see far too many people working awfully hard and reaping much less reward than they could. "Catching” is about becoming a "rainmaker”: an individual, a team, or a company that beats their competition in image, operations and financial matters. "Catching” is also about keeping your satisfied clients and letting them do a lot of the marketing and sales work for you!

Start "Catching" more;
more orders, more clients, better team players; in other words, more Trust, more Brand, more Margin, more Choice.

Please give us a call, or drop us a note at • Cell: 423-312-3439

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